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16 October 2015 - Africa, Europe, and the Mediterranean Migration Crisis
2 December 2015 - The Cultural Origins of Youth Unemployment in Europe
30 October 2015 - Teach Europe 2016
Armenian Ceramics
Embassy of Germany Campus Week 2015
Political Economy of Higher Education in Europe
Tale of Two Uprisings
The Center celebrates Rutgers 250
The Poetry of Exile
Ukrainian Students Club film
24 April 2015 - Universal Races Conference
Upcoming Events Fall 2014
Upcoming Events Spring 2014
3/23/11 Jean Monnet Lecture Series: The Eurozone Crisis: - Stumbling toward Economic Governance
5/2/11 Jean Monnet Lecture Series: The Ideological Construction of the European Union
December 3, 2010 Friday
Graduate Associate Lecture Series: L'Atelier Populaire: Authorial Intention and the Problematics of Writing
Green Energy Alternatives Conference Program
Green Energy Alternatives: The Great Student Debate
November 11, 2010 Thursday
Responding to the Great Recession:Labor Market Policies- Europe and the US
Teach Europe 2010-11
April 14, 2010
April 2, 2010
February 10, 2010
January 25, 2010 Monday
March 24, 2010 Wednesday
March 25-26, 2010
October 22, 2009 Thursday
October 30, 2009 Friday
Rutgers Conference on Climate Change
September 11, 2009 Friday
September 29, 2009 Tuesday
Teach Europe 2010
New Getting to Know Europe Award
Business Forum III - Transatlantic Success for SMEs
Euro Challenge
Europe Day
European Village
Schoolchildren's programs
Teach Europe 2007
Graduate Student Presentations
International Conference: Children in Europe, Children and Europe
September 27: Discussion of Night and Fog
Special Seminar: Crimes Against Humanity
Special Seminar: The Politics of Federalism
Teach Europe 2006
From Cold War to European Union: Women and Gender in Contemporary Europe
Local Democracy Partnership Home Page
Networks Against Women Trafficking in Europe Since the Late 19th Century
Trading Cultures: Migration and Multiculturalism in Contemporary Europe
European Union Studies Book Award
Jean Monnet Chair
Jean Monnet Lectures 2010-2011
Announcement for Law and Politics Conference
Jean Monnet Research Workshop 2011
Jean Monnet Research Workshop 2012
Jean Monnet Research Workshop 2013

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