Teach Europe is a partnership among the Delegation of the European Union to the United States and a number of European consulates and cultural organizations that provides high school teachers of languages, social sciences and arts with educational workshops intended to help them incorporate new perspectives and research into their classroom teaching.  See the official website at http://teacheurope.org/

The Center again hosted the Rutgers Teach Europe workshop on October 24, 2007 at the Douglass College Student Center.  The 2007 program's theme was "The European Village, " echoing the Center's overall programmatic theme for the year and making use of the students and professors engaged in that activity.  Program Details after the jump.

The European Village Project

The Center took “The European Village” as a theme for its 2007-08 activities.  Seven Undergraduate honors students visited  European villages selected in collaboration with Rutgers faculty members to shoot film and interview inhabitants.  This footage was later edited into a series of short films on the individual villages.  The Center then organized a lecture/lunch series focused on several of the villages capped by an evening buffet dinner where all 5 short films were screened and discussed.

The students and their villages were:  Juliana Knapp (La Guiche, France); Christie Irizarry (Monteriggioni, Italy); Athena Matilsky and Boram Lee (Siete Aguas, Spain); Peter Murr (Lorenc na Davrskem polju, Slovenia); and Jason Rindenau & Josh Slavin (Opatow/Apt, Poland).

Faculty advisors were:  Steve Reinert, Associate Professor of History (France); Alessandro Vettori, Associate Professor of Italian (Italy); Nancy Sinkoff, Associate Professor of History and Jewish Studies (Poland); and Jorge Marcone, Associate Professor in Spanish & Portuguese (Spain)

The Center again offered "A Day of European Culture" for area second grader classes.   Four programs were offered on separate days to 200 schoolchildren from  Woodland Elementary (Warren), St. Francis Cathedral (Metuchen), Shrewsbury Elementary (Shrewsbury), and Evesham Elementary (Evesham).  The Rutgers Language Institute provided outreach and organizational assistance.

The programs consisted of games, songs, and short animated features about Europe and took place in the Center's classroom.

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