"Have you been to Samos?" Externalized borders, pushbacks, and a Europe in denial, with Phevos Korosos Symeonidis

Monday, April 10, 2023, 12:00pm


CES Lunchtime Series

Speaker:  Phevos Korosos Symeonidis, Visiting Scholar 

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Phevos Simeonidis is an OSINT & audiovisual forensics researcher and an archivist. He is an MA graduate from the Centre for Research Architecture, a researcher and investigative partner of OmniaTv and The Manifold, and the former director and co-founder of Disinfaux Collective in Athens, Greece. His work focuses on far/alt-right narrative creation and performativity online, militarized border regimes and surveillance, and human rights violations in the external borders of the EU.

Location Rutgers Academic Building, Room 6051 (West), 15 Seminary Place, New Brunswick