This paper deals with the geography of cultural production. Its aim is to identify the modern institutional spaces of cultural activities undertaken by Jewish women in Cracow in the years 1890-1939 and to locate these areas on the city map. This includes the activities of Jewish women scholars, students, artists, teachers, doctors, writers, journalists, translators, philanthropists, social and political activists, athletes. Institutional spaces, such as artistic salons, educational societies, reading rooms for Jewish women, libraries, charitable institutions, political and social organisations, orphanages, schools, sports clubs, editorial offices, the theatre, the Jagiellonian University, or the Academy of Fine Arts, formed a network connected at many nodal points with the activities of Polish women. Therefore, the mapping is relevant for the picture of Polish-Jewish contacts in the city and should reveal the key "contact zones" from the gender perspective

5th Annual International
Polish Jewish Studies Workshop

“Centering the Periphery: Polish Jewish Cultural Production Beyond the Capital”

Rutgers University
the State University of New Jersey

March 5-6, 2018
Rutgers University Inn
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