European Village

The European Village Project

The Center took “The European Village” as a theme for its 2007-08 activities.  Seven Undergraduate honors students visited  European villages selected in collaboration with Rutgers faculty members to shoot film and interview inhabitants.  This footage was later edited into a series of short films on the individual villages.  The Center then organized a lecture/lunch series focused on several of the villages capped by an evening buffet dinner where all 5 short films were screened and discussed.

The students and their villages were:  Juliana Knapp (La Guiche, France); Christie Irizarry (Monteriggioni, Italy); Athena Matilsky and Boram Lee (Siete Aguas, Spain); Peter Murr (Lorenc na Davrskem polju, Slovenia); and Jason Rindenau & Josh Slavin (Opatow/Apt, Poland).

Faculty advisors were:  Steve Reinert, Associate Professor of History (France); Alessandro Vettori, Associate Professor of Italian (Italy); Nancy Sinkoff, Associate Professor of History and Jewish Studies (Poland); and Jorge Marcone, Associate Professor in Spanish & Portuguese (Spain)