Euro Challenge Interns Washington DC Trip, June 2011

The Center for European Studies at Rutgers recently joined as a partner in the Euro Challenge program. Funding from the Getting to Know Europe Program will substantially increase our engagement in Euro Challenge outreach to schools across New Jersey. Interns selected through an open call for applicants and a competitive selection process from among Rutgers University undergraduates with strong interests in European studies will conduct outreach, contacting New Jersey high schools and encouraging them to field Euro Challenge teams for the competition. Each Intern will then be paired with 2-3 Euro Challenge high school teams, to serve as a mentor. Interns will meet with their teams regularly during the school year in the run up to the Euro Challenge, working with their teachers to coach them for the competition which takes place every April.

Euro Challenge Interns 2013-14:  Josh Casto, Sivaram Cheruvu, Aniket Kesari, Danial Manzoor, Neha Parikh, and Arthi Yerramilli


Past Euro Challenge Interns:  Ilke Denizli, Egzon Gash, Rajan Ghadia, Connor Montferrat, Jose Paulino, and Dmitry Zhdankin