Britain's War on Poverty
Jane Waldfogel, Professor of Scial Work and Public Affairs, Columbia University and Visiting Professor, London School of Economics
Center for European Studies Conference Room A, DC 12:00 -2:00 pm

In 1999, one in four British children lived in poverty—the third highest child poverty rate among industrialized countries. Five years later, the child poverty rate in Britain had fallen by more than half in absolute terms. How did the British government accomplish this and what can the United States learn from the British experience?

Jane Waldfogel of fers a sharp analysis of the New Labour government’s anti-pove ty agenda, itsdramatic early success and eventual stalled progress. Comparing Britain’s anti-poverty initiative to U.S. welfare reform, the book shows how the policies of both countries have affected child poverty, living standards, and well-being in low-income families and suggests next steps for future  reforms.

Light lunch to be served.

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